About Us

Delta FM Black Monday is a platform where unknown and independent music can be heard. We are always on top in the newest and best in hard-rock, metal, punk and hardcore and we never forget the local and regional bands by giving them that little extra attention. Also we’re on top about everything that goes around in our neighborhood but we look further than that and inform you about the coolest shows and festivals around. As mondays are always a slow and heavy starter it’s the best way to wake up tuning in on Delta FM Black Monday at 19.00 hours CET.

How it looks like on Mondays

19.00 - 20.00 hrs (CET): The Wake Up Hour

In this hour we're starting nice and slow. DJ Gerjan is playing the heavy alternative. To give you a taste of flavor, here are some names: Foo Fighters, Joy Division, Alice In Chains, White Lies, The Smiths, The Cure, Editors, Faith No More and so much more, with a focus on new releases. You can expect some Hard rock and classic Rock tracks aswell. DJ Gerjan will spin carefully selected hits for your listening pleasure. Black Monday Radioshow will start off with a classic track from the past every monday night! 

20.00 – 21.00 hrs (CET): The Get Out Of Bed Hour

Time to get active and get that mosh pit going. DJ Tim is about to hit the buttons with all kinds of Loud & Fast music. Punk, Hardcore, Metalcore and all that Hard-Rocking stuff. The best new releases along with information and interviews that you need to know. Want to know where that crust band has a show in a squat ? Tim is your man. Supported by labels and promotors he has the latest music you would like to hear. Your new hosts Gerjan en Robbin will also be on the microphone, to entertain you!

21.00 – 22.00 hrs (CET): The Getting Smashed Hour

Ever had that feeling when you got out of bed and got smashed by that hammer ? Right this is your hour. Your host Robbin will play the best music in the heavy regions. Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death/Black Metal, Grind... you know the drill. Along with the music, Robbin is there to inform you about shows, festivals and interviews your favorite bands. Tune in to get hit real hard !!!